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10 Separate Fingers!

It took a while to have this happen due to his post-op cranial infection, but we are pleased to announce that Luke has 10 separate fingers! Surgery was on May 8th, 2019, but here are the last pictures of Luke with syndactyly of the hands.

Now, here are some pictures that the surgeon took before putting the casts on Luke.

Luke had the casts on for 3 weeks. He really never cared about having these casts on, although he did get frustrated a couple of times, he genuinely made to the most of it. Here are some pictures of him with these casts.

To say that Luke is enjoying showing everyone his hands is an understatement! He is very excited to have these fingers and although they will not bend the way that most people's fingers bend, he has already proven time and time again that he can adapt! He is absolutely an amazing little boy and a true wonder!

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